Owning any type of commercial property means you have your hands full every day. You need to know that your plumbing and gas services are top-notch and available whenever you need them.

At Expand Plumbing and Gas, our licensed and experienced commercial plumbers and gas fitters are available for your needs 24/7. We understand that emergencies do not happen at convenient times. So, we make our team available to you regardless if it is Christmas Eve or 4:00 in the morning on any given date.

The Services We Provide

When you need a gas fitter or commercial plumber in Perth, Expand Plumbing and Gas has you covered. Our expert plumbers and gas fitters can take care of various needs.

Design and Construct

Whether you are building from the ground up or adding on and making improvements, you need an experienced commercial plumber on the site. Your plumber will ensure the design is optimal and all details, like hot water supply and drainage, are correct. The plumber likely will have a hand in plumbing elements of fire suppression systems. A professional commercial gas fitter is also necessary for the construction and design crew. Additionally, commercial roof plumbers in Perth are also helpful for more specialised parts of the project.

Commercial Water Systems

After the design and construction of the building, our expert commercial plumbers will be on the job. Overseeing commercial water systems and making sure everything is arranged correctly is vital to the safety of the building.

Commercial Water Systems

Commercial Kitchen Installations

A commercial plumber with installation experience can ensure the kitchen in your building is appropriately set up to handle the amount of use you anticipate. Additionally, a plumber can ensure the safety of the water used in your building’s kitchen and make sure the pipes can get the job done.

Grease Lines and Trade Waste Maintenance and Repair

The grease lines and waste traps are a vital part of the commercial kitchen. These lines slow the flow of hot grease-laden water, allowing it to cool. As it cools, the grease floats to the top, where it is trapped and easier to remove.

Fire Hydrant and Fire Services

Our expert commercial plumbers in Perth can take care of all your commercial fire service needs. We can install or upgrade fire hydrants, hose reel systems and fire pumps. All of our plans are expertly drawn and pass local inspections.

Fire Hydrant and Fire Services

Stormwater Drains and Sewers

Our plumbing experts know what is necessary to test and clear your commercial stormwater drains and sewers. You never know when a heavy storm will bring significant amounts of rain. If your drainage is inadequate, you risk expensive damage to your building and property.

Planning by having us inspect and test your drainage systems before the rainy weather sets in is your best bet to avoid damage. It has probably been too long if you cannot remember the last time you had the drains cleaned and inspected.

Backflow Testing and Prevention

You may not be aware, but as a commercial property owner, you are required to install and test your backflow prevention assemblies. To prevent contamination, testing must take place every 12 months. A commercial plumber in Perth can easily do a backflow test to make sure you are not at risk of contamination. A commercial backflow prevention device will keep water from flowing back and bringing unsafe water with it.

Soakwells and Drainage Inspection

If you own commercial property in Perth, you likely know that you are legally required to have a soakwell on your property. Additionally, the soakwell must meet local regulations. Failing in either of these can get you a fine for noncompliance. Our commercial plumbers have years of experience installing, inspecting, and clearing soakwells. When a soakwell installation is correct, it will reduce flooding and prevent erosion by allowing water to seep slowly into the ground. However, an unprofessional installation will lead to flooding, erosion, and perhaps a citation for noncompliance.

Soakwells and Drainage Inspection

Petrol and Oil Separators

If your business is in the fuel, chemical, or oil industry, you must have correctly installed separators. Not only are these important to curb pollution, but they are also legal requirements. Our commercial plumbers have years of experience installing and servicing the separators. If your business needs a separator installed, we can determine the most efficient location for putting it in and, in most cases, offer above or below-ground options. We can help you maintain your investment as some models sell for between $1,500 and $150,000; you should have the unit cleaned every three to six months.

Property Development

Commercial plumbers and gas fitters, play a crucial role in developing property. Our professional gas fitters and plumbers ensure that your property will be safe and compliant with regulations. The gas and water services must be carefully planned and executed to have safe buildings.

Adherence to legal requirements is also vital (if you want to avoid steep fines), and professionals working on developing property must have excellent skills in their area of expertise.

Commercial Gas Installation and Testing

Even though natural gas is widely used, it still has the potential to harm or even kill people who are working with it. This is why Australian law requires licensed gas fitters to work on commercial gas installation, testing, or repair projects. Our gas fitters are experts in what they do and have years of experience working with natural gas.

Commercial Gas Installation and Testing

If you need commercial plumbers in Perth or require the services of a gas fitter, Expand Plumbing and Gas can help. We are certified by the Master Plumbers and Gasfitters Association of Western Australia and are equipped to handle any job at any time.