The most efficient emergency plumbing service for Perth-based commercial businesses. Expand Group has been solving plumbing emergencies for decades. We’re here to help.

Whatever Your Emergency, We’ve Got The Solution

Any Urgent Fix, Big Or Small

We understand that when pipes burst or blocked drains or sewage issues strike, you can’t wait.

Urgent plumbing problems require prompt responses to ensure minimal downtown of your operations and services. Not to mention, time is of the essence to prevent further damage and safety risks.

Basically, you need a solution as soon as possible.

Expand Group Perth has tackled plumbing challenges of all sizes and types of commercial businesses, and we’ll send a commercial plumber your way with the expertise to handle your specific issue, even if you’re not totally sure what has gone wrong.

Our commercial clients can rest easy knowing that we’ll get their systems up and running again in no time, so you can focus on what you do best; running your company.

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Experienced and Licensed Plumbers
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We’ll Keep Your Business Running

Minimal Downtime, Maximum Solutions

Our qualified plumbers know what an emergency demands – a super quick response time without compromising on quality.

One of the biggest issues with urgent plumbing repairs is choosing a plumber who doesn’t have the necessary qualifications or experience to repair and resolve your emergency commercial plumbing problem properly.

This results in halfway fixes that leave you with an issue that’s going to come back or, worse, create more serious damage.

What you need is a reliable team that is committed to resolving your issue 100%, so you have no more interruptions to your operations. Expand Group’s qualified plumbers will have the knowledge and experience to support your business to get back to working order as soon as possible.

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Why Choose Expand Group?

Our experienced team of Perth-based emergency commercial plumbers have been working with businesses in many industries to solve their plumbing problems. Our commitment to safety, precision, and quality workmanship drives our responsive service that our customers appreciate. Some more reasons why you should choose us:

Lightning Fast Call-Out Time

One of the biggest problems when it comes to urgent plumbing issues is the disruption to your commercial operations. You can’t afford hours or days of downtime – you need to get things moving ASAP. Our efficient same day service has an expert plumber sent to your location within 60 minutes in most cases.

Licensed and Certified Plumbers

You want to know that your issue is being handled by trained experts, knowledgeable about how to fix your plumbing system the right way, so the problem doesn’t return. We’re committed to solving your matter with the utmost professionalism (without compromising on prompt solutions). Our guarantee to you is simple: to deliver great, fast service every single time.

A Cost Effective Urgent Service

It’s not a great feeling having to fork out a lot of cash to have an emergency plumber come to handle your urgent job. After all, you didn’t expect the crisis to happen. At Expand Group, we keep our costs at a minimum, providing you with competitive rates for Perth-based commercial businesses that want an affordable way to fix their plumbing.

Reliable After-Service Process

We won’t leave you high and dry after fixing your plumbing concern. Our team checks in with your business regularly after we visit to ensure that the solution is well and truly effective. If you need any additional support after the service, we’ll stay in touch, and our qualified plumbers will come right back to ensure everything is in order. We want every one of our commercial customers to feel 100% satisfied.