All About Gas Fitting

All About Gas Fitting

It is not unusual to see work vans with plumber and gas fitter designations and wonder how the two professions overlap or work in unison. The fact is plumber and gas fitters are two completely different occupations with different education and licensing. The professions often appear together because many plumbers will get the additional training to receive their license as a gas fitter.

This is a crucial point because, in Australia, unlicensed gas work is illegal in all states and territories. Aside from legalities, natural gas can be volatile and proper procedures are essential. You must always book an appointment with a licensed gas fitter. Even a small job can escalate into a massive problem if you attempt to do gas fitting work on your own.

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We are the Experts – Why Choose Us

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Here at Expand Plumbing & Gas, our team’s knowledge, experience, and skills make us experts in our field. Our professionals have the appropriate training and the latest technology to find solutions to your issues, whether in your home or commercial property in need of service. We have been in the area for many years and put our customers first in everything we do.

When you choose us as your go-to gas fitting company, you are hiring fully licensed gas plumbers and experienced professionals who care about our customers and a job well done. We bring our company values to each job site.

  • High Standards of Performance – No job is complete unless it was executed flawlessly
  • Great Service – We want your experience with us to exceed your expectations
  • Friendly Professionals – We understand that you have choices and appreciate that you called us. We promise to offer sound advice and expert opinions whenever you ask
  • Affordable – When you are in the middle of a natural gas emergency, you need the problem fixed, and the cost is usually secondary. Many professionals use this as an opportunity to price gouge. We believe in a fair price for all of our jobs and would not try to take advantage of a customer’s misfortune

Gas Fitter’s Responsibilities

There is no shortage of responsibilities for professional gas fitters.

  • Connecting homes to gas lines
  • Assuring gas appliances are connected safely and doing repairs when needed
  • Repairing gas meters, burners, and regulators
  • Evaluating gas lines for problems
  • Fixing flues in homes so waste gasses can safely exit the building
  • Installing gas safety systems to protect homes and families from unexpected problems
  • Share safety tips and explain the warning signs of a gas leak
All About Gas Fitting