Holidays are fun and exciting, but you also have so many details needing your attention. It is easy to forget a few.

Readying your plumbing system before you leave home is an important yet often forgotten detail. Generally, preparing will take a few minutes of your time. However, it can save you money on your water and gas bills. You can also save thousands in home plumbing repairs if a pipe bursts and your home floods.

Top Ways to Ensure Your Home is Safe

1. Shut Off or Turn Down Your Hot Water Heating Unit

Something as simple as adjusting your water heater has several positive effects.

  • Reduce energy waste- Your water heater will continue to maintain the designated temperature whether you are home or not.
  • Save money on usage costs.
  • Prevent water damage to your home by reducing the risks.


2. Shut Off Your Water Supply

A broken water pipe causes considerable damage to your home, even if you notice it and take quick action. Imagine the horrific damage to your home if a pipe breaks while you are away on holiday, and days or weeks pass. Many people prefer to take the “it won’t happen to me” view, but unfortunately, these things happen frequently. Taking a little time before vacation can save significant time and money by preventing accidents.


3. Turn Off Your Gas Supply

If you are taking an extended holiday, many experts suggest turning off the gas supply to your home. Simply shutting off the gas greatly improves the safety of your unattended home, it will lower the amount of energy used while you are away from home. While everyone prefers to think nothing terrible will happen, there is a potential problem if the gas is not attended to properly.

Another way to be sure your home will be safe while you are gone is to schedule an inspection. The experts at Expand Group can check your home for any signs of damage or needed repairs. Then you can enjoy your holiday without worrying about what could go wrong while you are away.

Turning off the gas supply to your home.


How To:

1. Shut Off the Water Heating Unit – Many of the newest units have a setting called “holiday”, which makes turning it down easy. If you do not have a holiday setting, turning the heater to the lowest setting will give you a similar result as using the holiday setting.

2. Shut Off the Main Water Supply – The most reliable way for you to avoid potential water problems is by turning off the water. There are several steps to do this,

  • Locate your main shut-off valve. Usually, the main shut-off valve is outside your home, often near the water meter. This is valuable information for homeowners if a problem occurs while they are at home. Some valves require a valve key, a long-handled tool that can reach shut-off valves in difficult-to-reach places.
  • Open up a tap at the other end of the house to drain any water left in the pipes.
  • Sometimes, turning off all water in your home is not feasible. For example, you rely on a sprinkler system to water your plants and grass. If you cannot shut off all the water, turn off the water to your sinks and toilets.

3. Shut Off the Gas Supply – There are a few simple steps to turn off your gas supply. The first thing you should do is turn off all appliances in your home that run on gas, such as a stove, dryer, water heater and others.

  • Find your gas meter. These are typically located on the side of your house, often in a metal box. You may need to look for your meter under a plastic cover in your front garden.
  • Turn the supply valve tap to a horizontal (off) position.
  • If you cannot find your gas meter, contact your local gas provider

You will want to be sure you have taken care of as many details as possible before going on holiday. A bit of time spent preparing your home can save you a significant amount of time and money if a problem occurs. You can contact Expand Group for advice or servicing before you leave home, and then you are free to enjoy your much-deserved holiday.