A few simple steps before you jet set off on your trip, could save you money, and ensure you don’t come home to any water damage.

Shut down your hot water unit

This can help to stop the energy waste while you’re away and save on running costs, as well as eliminate the risk of water damage, should an issue occur. You can either use the main shutoff handle on your hot water unit, or shut it off at your main circuit panel. Some hot water units have a “holiday” setting on the temperature control dial. Alternatively, you can just turn the temperature dial to its lowest setting.

Remember when returning home to turn the power back on as soon as you get home. It will take a little while to heat up.

Shut off your water supply

Broken plumbing pipes are especially costly because of the huge mess they create. If you’re not home to notice the issue and take action, you might suffer catastrophic property damage. But if you completely shut off the water supply to your home, you can prevent plumbing-related water damage altogether.

If you don’t know where your main shut-off valve is, you should locate it and become familiar with it. In case of an emergency water situation, the ability to shut off the flow of water into the home can save time and a lot of money.

In most instances, the main shut-off valve is near the water meter. It’s usually located outside the home, sometimes below ground and covered by a grate. These valves may require a long-handled tool called a valve key. If you can’t find your shut-off valve, next time ask your plumber to show you.
If you do shut off your water supply before holidays, open a tap on the other end of the house to drain what water remains in the lines. When you return, re-open the main valve slowly to minimise surging pressure on your pipes and fixtures.

However, shutting off all your water may not be an option if you rely on a sprinkler system or have some other plumbing system that needs to remain on. But you can still prevent isolated leaks by shutting off the valves for your sinks and toilets can also minimise damage should something break.

Have a great holiday knowing you’re not wasting any energy and your home is secure.

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