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Dealing with a leaking roof in your home or business can be exceptionally frustrating. While not every leaking roof will show excessive amounts of water pouring through your ceiling, your best bet is to get a professional to check out the situation. It is vital to get a leak under control. Quick action will help to control the damage to your property and make it possible to salvage some of the contents of your building.

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Causes of a Leaking Roof

As with any disaster of this sort, you are often left wondering what caused your roof to leak. While there are numerous causes, here are the most likely reasons the roof at your home or business may leak.

  • Roof Vents – Whether you are talking about a spinning vent or a fixed one, improperly installed or insufficiently flashed vents are prone to leaks. Additionally, your roof vents will work most efficiently if placed at the roof’s highest point.
  • Down Pipe Spreaders – It is common for down pipe spreaders to leak because the amount of water being diffused from other areas is too much for the site.
  • Debris in Gutters – Gutters are known to collect debris without issues if a gutter holds enough to stop above the roofline and under a valley. It is a leak waiting to happen.
  • The Pitch of the Roof – Different tile manufacturers, have minimum roof angles. This is to ensure that rain runs off of the tiles quickly. Too flat of a roof pitch prevents an efficient runoff that leads to standing water and leaks.
  • Improperly Driven Nails – If a nail goes into good wood at the correct angle, you do not need to worry. However, a nail that is not in place or sideways provides an opening for the rain to get inside your building. A good rule to remember is if you see a nail head popping up, you either have or will soon have a leak in your roof.

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The professionals at Expand Group are all highly trained and have years of experience. We stand behind our work and deliver the best service in the area. Additionally, we care about our clients and constantly provide efficient and friendly service. You can count on us to service your business or home, and we have technicians available for emergency callouts 24/7.

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Signs of a Roof Leak

It is natural to hope you are imagining signs of a leaking roof. However, if you suspect a leak at your business or home, there is a fair chance you do. Here are several signs you have a leak in your roof.

  • Damaged or Missing Shingles – Any sort of break in the pattern of your roofing material allows water inside. If you are able, visually inspect your roof, or have a maintenance staff member take a look. You have a leak if you see shingles or tiles that are damaged or missing.
  • Spots on the Ceiling – These are an early telltale sign of a leaking roof. These typically begin small and can remain unnoticed for quite a while, especially if they are tucked into a corner of the room.
  • Dripping Sounds – Hearing sounds of water dripping inside the walls is an indication you have a leaking roof. These can be difficult to pinpoint, and you need a professional’s assistance immediately.
  • Peeling Paint – Often, peeling paint is dismissed as a sign of an aging building. However, it is also an indication that you have a leak in your roof. If you notice ceiling and upper walls peeling in a room with a skylight, you likely have a leak.
  • Discolouration on Your Roof – If you see spots on the surface of your roof, it is very likely that you have a leak. Often, the cause is flashing that is defective or poorly made. This allows moisture to gather, causing the spots.