Expand Group Perth has the solution for all of your strata plumbing needs. We offer comprehensive Strata plumbing services to keep your multi-unit infrastructure well-maintained, compliant and safe for all.

Why You Need Expert Strata Plumbing Services

Safeguard Against Plumbing Issues and Stay Compliant

For property managers/owners, strata managers, and members of owners corporations and strata committees in Perth’s building network, Expand Group is here to provide expert solutions to your plumbing needs.

We understand the unique demands of strata complex properties, and we’re here to lend a hand to any plumbing issue, regular maintenance, repair, installation, upgrade, and more.

Our team of specialised Strata plumbers know the intricacies of common property plumbing and are well-versed in the policies and regulations of the Strata Community Association of Western Australia.

We’ll adhere to all strata schemes, industry regulations and standards, by-laws, and current governmental policies when it comes to common property plumbing.

Expand Group is committed to excellence and will manage your plumbing job with professionalism, excellent communication, and prompt resolution so you can rest easy with minimal disruptions to all parties involved.

Effective Plumbing Demands Expert Solutions.

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Solve Your Strata Plumbing Issues

Don’t Let Plumbing Problems Lead To Serious Consequences

The most common issues in the plumbing systems of multiple-unit buildings (common property residences) can be easily prevented when investing in quality strata plumbing.

Unfortunately, if left unchecked, these issues can persist for years and lead to costly problems down the road. It’s not just residents dealing with a lack of sufficient hot water capacity, low-pressure water supply, or pesky leaks… these problems create a host of serious issues for building managers and Strata owners; water leaks leading to mould poisoning, structural damage creating unsafe environments, and more.

Not only can these Strata plumbing issues require costly repairs, renovations, or entire system re-installation, but they will also pose a threat to legal compliance – something that no property owner wants to deal with.

When you have a solid partner in Strata plumbing, you can relax knowing that any potential plumbing issue will be dealt with before it becomes a problem. With the right maintenance, expert assessments, and sound knowledge of Strata compliance in WA, Expand Group is the plumbing partner you’re looking for.

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Your Responsibility; Our Duty

Expand Group Takes The Hassle Out Of Strata Management

Whether you own or manage a unit block, townhouse, or apartment complex, your Perth property is a part of the Strata scheme of WA. It’s your responsibility to the owners’ corporation and strata committee to uphold compliance, safety, and effectiveness of your property’s plumbing system.

Not only do we provide extensive Strata services for Perth-based complexes, but we also share our best advice and knowledge on innovative plumbing solutions and upgrades that get the most out of your plumbing network.

We’ll help you provide all residents and tenants with consistent flowing water, effective drainage, efficient waste management, and safe plumbing systems.

You don’t have to work it all out on your own. We’ll take the stress out of your Strata plumbing responsibility by acting as consultants and service providers for all your plumbing needs.

Expand Group – your Perth-based Strata industry specialists, here to help.

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Why Choose Expand Group?

Our strata plumbing services provide you with the most comprehensive solutions tailored to your needs and budget to ensure that any plumbing issue repair or management is prompt, professional and hassle-free.

Our years of strata scheme and plumbing technician experience show that every building is unique and requires a mindful assessment of your plumbing system. Our services are completely tailored to your property to provide an in-depth assessment of your system, catching any plumbing issue before it happens.

Speedy Response

We’ll respond to your request for emergency repairs and urgent fixes for your strata building in no time. We understand that your residents cannot be le