Handymen are great for small jobs around your house such has hanging a picture or mounting a door, but what about when you need plumbing, electrical or other trade works completed?

Using an unqualified worker for electrical, plumbing or other trade works can not only cause you problems with the law, but also void your insurance and cause problems with your property and or leave you with high out of pocket expenses. You may not need a license to purchase electrical and plumbing equipment but you definitely need a license to fit them and need to understand the relevant Australian standards that the works need to comply with.

Here are some factors to think about when using an unqualified worker:

  • Large fines can be given out to individuals who complete unlicensed works. That figure can significantly increase if illegal works result in serious injuries or deaths and could also lead to imprisonment.
  • Should something go wrong with any unlicensed works it can void your insurance leaving you to cover the expenses caused by the fault or issue, this cost will be substantially greater than the cost of hiring a professional licensed trades person in the first place.
  • Using an unlicensed worker or completing DIY work can end up costing you more in the long run. Often jobs will need to be re-done and in some instances may take the qualified.

Here are some things to check:

  • Ask to see the relevant trade licenses

  • If you’re not sure then you can always check with the governing body of the relevant works. For example, the Office of Energy for electrical and most others fall under the Building Commission.

  • Ask to see their certificate of currency from their insurance company.

With the large fines and possible imprisonment in place along side an insurance void, the risks far out weigh the rewards of using a cheap and unskilled service.

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